Finally! Two New Porridge Mixes...

We’re over the moon to (finally!) launch two awesome new products that are delicious mixes of the finest oats accompanied with fruits, seeds, nuts and more!

You spoke, we listened and that’s why our new mixes come in 1kg (recycled) bags to keep you going longer through those cruel winter days.

If you’re a porridge connoisseur like us, you’ve probably noticed that having your daily dose of porridge along with fruits or seeds, requires some preparation. That means time and time is a precious commodity!

With our two new 1kg bags we’ve eliminated the preparation time; instead of sourcing, measuring and combining multiple ingredients, we’ve done that for you and selected 8 super delicious and nutritious ingredients to accompany your porridge with nothing processed or high in sugar.

In our Grain & 5 Seed Porridge bag you can find:

  1. Sunflower seeds: a natural source of energy, high in fibre, protein and Iron. They also happen to add a nice creamy texture to your porridge..

  2. Poppy seeds: these tiny kidney-shaped seeds are well known for having a high concentration of calcium. They also have a cunning ability of getting stuck in your teeth!

  3. Sesame seeds: so many nutritional benefits but our favourite is it’s cholesterol-lowering effect thanks to its fibres.

  4. Linseeds: also a great source of fibre, these lil’ babies are fantastic for digestion meaning your bowels will be thanking you for a daily dose. Linseeds are also well known for being high in protein and iron.

  5. Pumpkin seeds: full of valuable nutrients, these bad boys are known to improve your prostate and bladder health. It’s also high in magnesium which is good for your bones, blood pressure and regulating your blood sugar levels.

  6. Barley flakes: help make up the ultimate porridge combo with its high fibre content slowing your digestion and keeping your hunger locked up for longer!

  7. Rye flakes; with their rich and hearty taste, rye flakes can help fight diabetes and cardiovascular disease while helping promoting gastrointestinal health.

  8. Wheat flakes: promotes healthy gut bacteria and is good for all round digestive health.

Our delicious Fruity Nut Porridge bag has:

  1. Walnuts: helping put the ‘Crunch’ in our Fruity Nut bag we’ve crushed our walnuts down to within a millimetre of their lives helping spread a delightful texture into our toasty mix. These are an awesome source of omega-3 fats and great brain food.

  2. Sultanas: can help lower blood pressure

  3. Currants: improves blood sugar control

  4. Raisins: increases feelings of fullness

  5. Barley flakes: helps reduce cholesterol

  6. Rye flakes: optimises your heart health!

  7. Wheat flakes: helps keep your toilet visits regular

  8. Date: this is a super dooper energy booster. The dried dates in our porridge is also good for your skin and hair!

To be crystal clear, our bags have no artificial nonsense, only honest energy!

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