We have arrived!

When we first came up with the idea back in November 2015 we couldn’t quite imagine the roller coaster journey we were about to begin. Has it all been worth it? Hell yeah it has! We´ve bought a superior product to market, that is super good for you and tastes great. We´ve learned a shed load a long the way too, made mistakes, misspent money, met some good people and despite the trials and tribulation it´s been bloody good fun and we´re over the moon to finally see our product on the shelf. The best part is, this roller coaster ride we´re on is only at the beginning…....

For those of you that have supported us since the beginning and given a thumbs on Facebook or a heart on Instagram as we documented our progress- Thank you! We lost count just how many times we wrote 'coming soon' in our updates, (it felt like we were the number 25 Bus on a bank holiday!) We hope you agree, that the proof is in the porridge. For everyone else, welcome to Norwich Porridge!

Say instant porridge and people instantly think of our mortal enemy: dust-in-a-pot. To prevent our porridge from resembling a Dyson’s dinner we stand firmly in the way of sugars, narrow our eyes at sweeteners and roar, NO! (Or NOO!, as we say round hare) in the face of artificial flavourings. We’ve done away with everything but the good stuff, which you can count on to fuel bodies with what we call honest energy.

This energy bursts out of our blade-cut, gluten-free oats and comes with a side order of soluble fibre, which is super good for your gut health, cardiovascular health, (including cholesterol) and general feeling awesomeness. Add to that some rich in omega-3 and protein chia seeds and you’ve got yourself a breakie pick-me-up to rival any grande, quad, nonfat, one-pump, no-whip, mocha. Plus it won’t make you late when you order it.

More benefits?! OK, as you asked… During the extraction of water our milk powder has produced a shed-load of beneficial amino acids and the only sugar you’ll find in Norwich Porridge will be the natural sugars in our freeze-dried fruit. Speaking of fruit, the freeze-drying process concentrates the antioxidants it contains. Speaking of fruit… again… Our fruits are rich in Vitamins A and C, iron and potassium, which support immunity and energy levels.

All this means is that a pot of Norwich Porridge is ridiculously good for you!

Our ingredients were hand-plucked and handmade at our farm in Norfolk so that all you need to do is add water. The proof is in the porridge!

If you like what you taste we’d love for you to sing our name: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Why not share a photo of you enjoying the pot using the hashtag #NorwichPorridge and #honestenergy .

The proof is in the porridge................

All the best,

Gav and Tom

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