Our objective was simple; produce a delicious super healthy product that’s both convenient for your busy lifestyles and doesn’t compromise on quality in anyway. Our porridge is gluten-free, high in fibre and a fantastic source of protein.

Think about the best porridge you ever had and, like us, you’ve probably cast your mind back to being served wholesome home-cooked porridge around the kitchen table.  Therein lay our challenge – how do we create a convenient porridge that harnesses all the goodness that we expect from home-cooked porridge but doesn’t require a stove and time to cook it. Say ‘instant porridge’ and people instantly think of…well… dust-in-a-pot! The Norwich Porridge Company goes against the grain (pardon the pun) and we’re here to redefine the market.  Viva la revolution!

Our guiding principles are simple; we stand firmly in the way of sugars, narrow our eyes at sweeteners and say ‘Noooo!’ in the face of artificial flavourings. We’ve done away with everything but the good stuff, which you can count on to fuel your bodies with what we call Honest Energy.


The only semblance of sugar you’ll find in Norwich Porridge products is the natural sugars contained in our freeze-dried fruit.  

We’ve handpicked our ingredients and packed them into 1 healthy serving for your every-day convenience.  All that’s left for you to do is add water and enjoy!  After all, the proof is in the porridge!


Many thanks,

Tom & Gav

PS. Norwich Porridge is a new company that’s trying to make a difference.  If you like what you’ve tasted and read, please help us spread our message; like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Take pics of you enjoying the pot on our Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtag #NorwichPorridge and #honestenergy.





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